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Clean Sweep: A Novel by E. B. Lee


Book Summary:

Retirement was supposed to bring her time to relax. Instead, she would find a purpose.

Selling her Madison Avenue ad agency for billions, Carli Morris, the self-assured career woman, pursues her love of art and spends her spare hours volunteering. But her comfortable confidence turns to horror when a routine food delivery to a homeless encampment leads her to discover one of its residents dead and her two dogs orphaned.

With the heartbreaking incident reopening the wounds of Carli’s tragic past, she makes it her mission to find the unfortunate soul’s family and re-home her canine companions. And the deeper the former marketing genius gets involved as an outreach worker, the more she is convinced that the answer to her personal sorrow lies on these very streets.

As she uncovers the connection between her long-lost brother and the people she meets on the street, will Carli at last find her own peace?


“This is a beautiful story of human connectedness, separation, and loss, hope, and love. It demonstrates that every small act of courage matters in a universe that is ripe with addiction, poverty, and crime.”

– Jennifer Padgett, San Fransisco Book Review

Find more information about the book on the authors website and Instagram.

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