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Mary Whitcombe by Valerie Nifora


Book Summary: 

It’s the turn of the 19th century, and Mary Whitcombe lives in blissful ignorance of the wider world. An orphan born into wealth, her guardian sends her away to a convent, where she grapples with the abrupt transition from opulent living to the austere cloister. But as she matures, Mary’s heart discovers its first love in the form of the young gardener at the institution…

Unprepared for a heart-wrenching tragedy that strikes, Mary decides to forgo her vows. Now, she’s compelled to depart, leaving behind her sheltered existence. In a society where her innocence could render her a pawn in a treacherous game of power and wealth, Mary faces the harsh realities of life. Will these cruelties shatter her last hope of a happily ever after?


“Readers will be captivated by the nonstop action in Mary Whitcombe. Nifora’s story of a young orphaned girl includes murder, deceit, greed, romance, love, and hope. The ultimate page-turner, readers will be stunned by what happens next and will be left wanting more.”

– Hannah Stutz, Manhattan Book Review

Find more information about the book on the authors website and Instagram.

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