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Who is Anna Stenberg? by Tracey Norman


Book Summary:

When her murderous father escapes from an institution, a young girl is forced to flee to safety with secretive pickpocket Anna.

Disguised as a boy called Viktor, and drawn into Anna’s mysterious activities, she is catapulted into a strange investigation, and learns that Anna may be able to help her uncover the mystery of her mother’s disappearance.

As she and Anna find friendship, Viktor’s disguise brings empowerment and safety, until a tragedy forces her to take on a new identity in order to survive a world full of supernatural threats.


“Highlighting the challenges of independence for women in Victorian England, coupled with a most exciting adventure incorporating some of the mysteries of the occult and vampirism, this is a ‘can’t put down’ read for sure.”

– Fox, an Amazon reviewer.

Find more information about the book on the authors website and Instagram.

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