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The Advent House by Tim Jorgenson


Book Summary:

Gabriela never imagined her promises to a dying Adriana would entangle her with the state security service. But working at CubaTur she knew the ordinary could mask the extraordinary and the ordinary could go awry. She would soon learn more-after meeting Tomas, who thought his mother Adriana had died years earlier. The two become entangled with Tomas’s two uncles, elite party members whose hatred for one another soon ‘baptizes’ Gabi and Tomas in their effort to keep alive.

Neither had heard of Advent houses. However, they learn a Bavarian Advent house holds secrets to a Bible network’s survival. Along the way other secrets surface, not least that Tomas’s true father is alive and to be put on trial by state security. Whether Tomas and Gabi can ‘satisfy’ or escape state security becomes their life-or-death Advent question.


“Tim Jorgenson is a brilliant writer and highly recommend his works.”

– An Amazon reviewer.

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